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Walks and Tours:

Tours Marcacocha - Pumamarca (1 Día)

This place is minutes before Huilloq community and where is the Feast of compadres, is more than 16 rectangular enclosures along the platforms and around a courtyard level, has all the characteristics of the classic Inca style.

In the place of origin has a colonial chapel, which is peculiar for its structure and thatched roof, which is replaced annually, where there is a child who appeared in this place and is revered by the locals.

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  • Tours Marcacocha

Cachiccata Quarries (1 Day)

Located on the Left Bank Vilcanota and about six km from Ollantaytambo. In the place you can appreciate the magnificent work of the Inca stonemasons.

Contemplating all the work, from the way they chose to transport the stones to make this tour one of the richest and impressive of all Ollantaytambo.

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  • Canteras de Cachiccata

Huilloq's Community (1 Day)

Here women weavers Associations of the community, displaying and sellingtraditional fabrics, as well as demonstrations of how to dye the fibers of alpaca, withwho make the beautiful garments.

The textiles have always been present in ancestral communities of the district, as it isa customary tradition that is passed from mothers to daughters.

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  • Comunidad Huilloq

Tours Muscapujio - Choquebamba (Half Day)

It is an extensive system of Inca terraces, narrow Choquebamba below, we have amagnificent view from the road. Is in the way Pumamarca.

Choquebamba. Inca style terraces are, where you are growing potatoes, beans and cereals. Allterraces have approximately 20 acres, which have been distributed to the villagers of Ollanta.

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  • Muscapujio - Choquebamba

Perolniyoc - Ñaupaiglesia (1 Day)

Waterfall over 50 meters high in the community of Socma, this waterfall is surroundedby Inca constructions. In cataracts can do rock climbing and descending in cascadesor waterfalls.

Getting there: you can take a taxi at the main square that leads to the community ofSocma, where it begins a half hour walk.

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  • Perolniyoc - Ñaupaiglesia

Maras, Moray y Salineras (Half Day)

Our tour begins with hotel pickup at 9:00 am in our private car to go to the town of Maras, through people very typical and beautiful scenery that we enjoy in our journey, arrival and visit to Maras Moray and Salineras.

Maras located in the province of Urubamba to 3300 m
Moray is approximately 7 km southwest of Maras.
Salineras or Salt Mine located northwest of the town of Maras.

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  • Maras, Moray y Salineras