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Huilloq Community Tours (1 Day)

This tour can be done by car, horse and hiking path.

Kind of Tours : Full Day
Minimun : 2
Time : 8 Hours
Departure Time : 8:00 am
Arrival Time : 4.00 pm approximately
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  • Bilingual guide (Spanish, English)
  • Muleteer
  • Box lunch
  • Comunidad Huilloq

Huilloq Community

Here women weavers Associations of the community, displaying and sellingtraditional fabrics, as well as demonstrations of how to dye the fibers of alpaca, withwho make the beautiful garments.

The textiles have always been present in ancestral communities of the district, as it isa customary tradition that is passed from mothers to daughters. The form of textilesmade by these communities are largely the llicllas and ponchos, where you can appreciate the different pallays (iconography) and the combination of natural colors, which make the garments are attractive to visitors.

This activity is done by women and this action makes the tourists who pass throughthe Center site to see how to knit and converse with women.