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Tours Marcacocha - Pumamarca (1 Day)

This tour can be done by car, hiking and horse-of-way

Kind of tours : Full Day
Minimun : 2
Time : 8 Hours
Departure Time : 7:00 am
Arrival Timea : 5.00 pm approximately
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  • Bilingual guide (Spanish, English)
  • Muleteer
  • Entrance to Pumamarca's Ruins
  • Box lunch
  • Tours Marcacocha


This place is minutes before Huilloq community and where is the Feast of compadres, is more than 16 rectangular enclosures along the platforms and around a courtyard level, has all the characteristics of the classic Inca style.

In the place of origin has a colonial chapel, which is peculiar for its structure and thatched roof, which is replaced annually, where there is a child who appeared in this place and is revered by the locals.

Getting there: you can take a taxi at the main square, at an affordable cost, also the place to go is suitable for horses.


The archaeological site of Pumamarca is in the field of Pallata at the confluence of the rivers and Yuracmayu Patacancha. Pumamarca could be interpreted as the head of a puma, following the form outlined by the court in the south. The existing remains consist of about 24 cabinets with a perimeter wall that surrounds them. On the east side of the fortress, the wall runs regularly along the edges of the cliff, but to the west side does only in the extreme south, where it refers to the venues. In this section the wall is partly stepped and has twelve angles in zig-zag.

The only formal entries confirmed are the main at the northern and the likely entry into the southeast corner, which contains the lowest group of compounds and former site.

Among the platforms that surround the fort can be found structures that were warehouses or colcas, these are rectangular and circular, whose characteristics are small openings in the bottom, which served for the entry of air.

To get there take a walk lasting two hours, does not take much physical preparation, the route can see the flora and fauna, as well as very well-built terraces, but these alter the physical environment.

Getting there: you can take a taxi at the main square, the place is also suitable for horses and go walking.