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Tours Muscapujio - Choquebamba (Half Day)

This tour can be done by car, horse and hiking path.

Type of tours : Half Day
Minimum : 2
Time : 4 Hours
Departure Time : 8:00 am or 2:00 pm
Arrival Time : 1:00 pm approximately
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  • Bilingual guide (Spanish, English)
  • Muleteer
  • Box lunch
  • Muscapujio - Choquebamba


It is an extensive system of Inca terraces, narrow Choquebamba below, we have amagnificent view from the road. Is in the way Pumamarca.


Inca style terraces are, where you are growing potatoes, beans and cereals. Allterraces have approximately 20 acres, which have been distributed to the villagers of Ollanta. One of the characteristics of the area is having a street that leads to a rock,which may have functioned as Huaca. These terraces are connected to the bottom of the valley by a flight of steps have recently been restored.

Getting there: you can take a taxi at the main square, also the site is suitable to go on horseback and on foot, which is a nice experience to appreciate the scenery.