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Hotel Pakaritampu - General Information

The name "Pakaritampu" derives from the Quechua words "pakari" which means "dawn" and "tampu" wich means "home"..

Pakaritampu Hotel is located in the Sacred Valley in the village of Ollantaytambo to 2minutes from the train station with direct connection to Machupicchu.

The town of Ollantaytambo is the starting point of the Inca Trail, a beautiful place thatoffers various tourist attractions.

Name : Pakaritampu SAC
Cuzco Address : Av. Ferrocarril s/n Ollantaytambo - Cusco
Po. Box : Casilla Postal # 315 - Cusco
Cuzco Phone : (84) 204020, 204104, 204105 Fax: (84) 204105
Lima Phone : 01-2426278 Fax: 01-2424772
RUC : 20400875597


Check – In : Since 12:30 pm
Check – Out : 10:30 am
Breakfast : Buffet
Breakfast's Time : 4:45 am to 9:30 am


Restaurant, bar, laundry, Internet (Wireless), medical care, safe deposit-box, assistance to the train station, free parking for guests, private transfers, etc.


Web Site : www.pakaritampu.com
Lima's Email : piramide@pakaritampu.com
Marketing's Email : marketing@pakaritampu.com
Cusco Management's Email : gterrazas@pakaritampu.com
Cusco Booking Email : hotel@pakaritampu.com
Credit and Collections Email : pakaritampu.contabilidad@gmail.com - contabilidad_cd@pakaritampu.com
Skype : helga.zamora.rodriguez


TV Room, library, fireplace and terraces.


Varied international menu and Novo Andean native food, lunch or dinner buffet, andtypical menu, pizzas, box lunch, plus barbecue, pachamanca, pork in the bottom, picnic, chicken cylinder